Our Guarantee

Our Vasectomy Success Rate Guarantee

At Vasectomy Docs we guarantee our results!  In the highly unlikely event you have sperm 9 months after procedure we will repeat your vasectomy without charge or give you a 100% refund – you choose!    (Most of our patients have a zero sperm count within 3 months.  Occasionally after a vasectomy, sperm are trapped within the tubules and need more time to pass out of the system.)

Why the 100% Guarantee?

We developed the 100% guarantee because we know how important that is for our patients and that we can back the necessary results with our experience as vasectomy specialists.  This is one of the reasons that you should have your vasectomy performed by a dedicated vasectomy urologist.  You would have a difficult time finding another doctor to offer this important guaranteed promise!

Guarantee Process

All you have to do is follow our instructions on when to return your post vasectomy semen analysis sample(s).  These include:

  1. Return your semen specimen to one of our conveniently located Vasectomy Docs offices or a lab facility approved by us.
  2. If possible, your specimen should be dropped off within 1 hour of your collection.
  3. You don’t need an appointment to drop off a semen specimen.  But, it’s important that you call us before you bring in the specimen to ensure that we’ll be in the office at the time you bring your sample.
  4. Your first sample can be taken as early as 8 weeks after your procedure.  If your specimen still has sperm visible, you will be given instructions when to bring your next specimen in for testing.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Until you have been told that the doctor has seen no sperm in your specimen, you must use some other form of contraception.  Our definition of a successful vasectomy is at least one specimen showing no sperm.   There is no charge for post-vasectomy semen testing at Vasectomy Docs!

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