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Encouraging conversation and dispelling myths about vasectomy

Orange County, CA, October 16, 2014 —Drs. Ted Benderev and Robert Pugach, co-founders of Vasectomy Docs, join with hundreds of other leading practitioners globally for World Vasectomy Day (WVD) on November 7, 2014. WVD is the largest male-oriented global family planning event.

As two of the busiest vasectomists in Southern California, Drs. Ted Benderev and Robert Pugach understand the importance of educating men and women on the option of selecting a vasectomy – usually the best family planning procedure when compared to female sterilization.

In fact, Vasectomy Docs was formed for many of the same reasons that Jonathan Stack and Doug Stein, MD had when they launched WVD in 2013. “Dr. Benderev and I founded Vasectomy Docs to increase awareness of the benefits of the simple No-Needle No-Scalpel Vasectomy – an in-office 15 minute procedure that is virtually pain free for men,” says Dr. Pugach.

According to Dr. Benderev, “there are many reasons as to why men elect to have a vasectomy;  one of the most compelling reasons is that a vasectomy is safer than a tubal ligation for their wife or partner.”

To support WVD Drs. Benderev and Pugach will be donating $25.00 for every vasectomy they perform on November 7th. Learn more about WVD and see how more than 30 countries are participating in this world-wide ground-breaking event.

About Vasectomy Docs
Vasectomy Docs was started by Drs. Benderev and Pugach with the goal of providing all their patients the most skillfully performed vasectomy in a safe and pleasant setting. The doctors wanted all men to have the same quality they had when they selected each other to perform their vasectomies.

About World Vasectomy Day
World Vasectomy Day is about offering high quality professional vasectomies to as many men as possible, while sharing information about this extremely effective family planning option. Visit

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