World Vasectomy Day Article  Download PDF
Vasectomy Docs participated in World Vasectomy Day

Articles – Ted Benderev, MD

To learn more about various topics on vasectomy, read the sections from Dr. Ted Benderev’s article written for Emedicine Health. (

“Vasectomy Introduction,” Ted Benderev, MD,  Download PDF
Read about how vasectomy has grown in popularity throughout the world since its inception in the 19th century.

“Vasectomy Risks,” Ted Benderev, MD,  Download PDF
Risks with vasectomy are few. No death has ever been attributed to this procedure. Learn about the common fears.

“Vasectomy vs. Tubal Ligation,” Theodore V Benderev, MD, Download PDF
In countries with a high rate of vasectomies, such as Canada and New Zealand, two-thirds of couples choose vasectomy over the alternative surgical contraception of female tubal ligation. In the United States, one-third of couples choose vasectomy, while two-thirds choose tubal ligation.  See Table for comparisons.

“Vasectomy Preparation,” Theodore V Benderev, MD, Download PDF
Dr. Benderev explains the simple preparation a man needs to take prior to his vasectomy.

“During the Procedure,”Theodore V Benderev, MD, Download PDF
Dr. Benderev explains vasectomy procedure.

“After the Procedure and When to Seek Medical Care,”Theodore V Benderev, MD, Download PDF
Dr. Benderev discusses vasectomy aftercare.

“Reversing a Vasectomy,” Theodore V Benderev, MD, Download PDF
While the best thing about a vasectomy is that it is permanent in almost every individual that gets the procedure, couples sometimes choose to reverse a vasectomy.


Articles –  Robert Pugach, MD

“Is Your Family Complete?  His and Her Options,” Robert Pugach MD, HB Magazine
Download PDF
Most couples know about a tubal ligation for women but often don’t weigh this procedure against a vasectomy.

Painless Vasectomy? It’s Here!”  Interview Robert Pugach, MD,  KTLA News  (Los Angeles News) Download PDF
But what if a vasectomy was done with no needle, no scalpel, and no pain?  It’s happening in southern California.  Orange County urologist Dr. Robert Pugach says the no-scalpel vasectomy isn’t new; it’s just new in the U.S.

“Is a Vasectomy Right for me?”  Robert Pugach, MD, Beachcomber Newspaper Download PDF
Many men reach a point in their lives when they consider a vasectomy as a permanent form of birth control.

A Special Mother’s Day Story … Our Miracle Baby Jillian, Robert Pugach, MD Download PDF
When you read a headline about a “miracle” baby, it’s typically about a woman overcoming infertility and giving birth.  But in this case, the circumstances are reversed and, at the age of 45, I’m a father again!

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